Take Advantage of our ROSS REVIEW – make sure you are covered!

My “ROSS REVIEW” was a real eye-opener!  I walked away with a better understanding of my insurance, and peace-of-mind knowing I have caring, knowledgeable people looking out for my best interests.  And they saved me money in the process.  What a great experience!  I’d recommend them without hesitation.” – Grant Pearsall

What’s Included?

– We help identify gaps in your current coverage

– We help identify overlaps in your current coverage

– We help identify discount opportunities

– We help you understand what you are covered for and more importantly, what you are NOT covered for


    If you’re like most people, insurance is complicated and can be very confusing.  Usually, you get the bill, you pay it, and then you forget about it.  You simply hope that you have the right coverage and that the price you are paying is competitive.

    A “ROSS REVIEW” is designed to change that.  Just a few minutes with our friendly service team will give you a good refresher on what coverage you have, and what you may be missing.  We also focus on potential discounts, bundling policies where possible, and shopping with over 40 of the top insurance companies in the world to make sure you’re getting the best possible value for your insurance dollar.

    You walk away with not only a high comfort level that you have the right coverage, but that you’re getting a very competitive price.

    Now that’s value!

    As a current customer at Ross, I got a call out of the blue to come in for a “ROSS REVIEW.”  Wow, was I surprised!  With no prompting by me, they went out, found me a different insurance company, got me better coverage and saved me over $300 a year!  These folks are really something special” – Tom Kowalchik