Our Ross Review Can Save You Hundreds, or Thousands of Dollars Per Year

Most people understand the importance of having insurance, so they purchase home insurance or auto insurance and then sit back and relax. While getting insurance is a great decision, not all policies are created equal, and circumstances change.

More significant changes in your life, such as getting married, divorced or getting a new car, should be reported immediately, and there are changes that can and should be reported at your annual insurance review.  For instance, improving your home entertainment system, doing big upgrades to your car, etc.

At Ross Insurance, we believe in doing our due diligence each time a person obtains a new policy, or when the time comes to renew an existing policy. We review each auto and home bundle as they renew, looking for premium increases, coverage changes and any out of the ordinary issue(s).


A client who has been with our office for years has a father who is getting older. In the process of helping handle his affairs, she came across his homeowner’s policy and thought, “Oh, that seems high”.

She contacted our personal lines team and asked that we conduct a full review of her parents’ home, auto and umbrella policies. After a thorough coverage review, and then shopping with several of our different carriers (over 30 to choose from), we were able to save her parents over $2,000 a year.

Needless to say, even we were stunned at the amount saved, but it came as no surprise that, if left unchecked, your personal auto and home insurance pricing can easily escalate out of control.

In the case of Michael & Deb L. in Lancaster, we noted an increase in the auto policy.

We initiated a comparison with all of our preferred carriers and wrote the auto policy at a reduced premium. The amount of the reduction paid for their full homeowner’s policy for the year!

Bob Russel of East Petersburg has had his insurance with us for a while, and at a review we were able to find a better carrier for his home and auto. Not only did it save him over $350 a year, it also added a personal umbrella to his existing policy.

We recently received an inquiry from a young lady who was about to purchase a local residential condo unit. We gathered the required information and presented her with our most competitive quote.

A day or so later, she called to say she had found a cheaper quote elsewhere. Upon review of the other quote, we quickly realized the $30 in savings was due to a drastic decrease in coverage. We provided an unbiased “Ross Review”, placing both proposals side-by-side, to highlight the coverage differences.

The bottom line was the differences in coverage were DRAMATIC, and in the buyer’s mind, way more than worth the difference. In fact, her comment to us was “for only a $30 difference, why in the world would that other agent quote such inadequate levels of coverage?”

Well, our response is the same one we’ve been giving for over 57 years: “You can’t just focus on price alone.”

We had a client who was with a high-risk company with our agency because they had a blemish or two on their driving record. At every renewal date, we would look to see if we could change carriers and save money.

But the bigger point was we had noted a reminder for our personal lines team to look at this right away once their record was clear for 3 years. We did, and rather than have the client pay this higher price for the remaining 9 months of their policy, we were able to move the auto, home and umbrella to another carrier and save them over $1,000 a year. Imagine how happy our client was when they got THAT call!

No matter what the situation is, we are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to put our clients in a better situation. Is your agent working that hard for you?

Going over your insurance policy with our agency will ensure that it provides appropriate coverage, all of your insurance policies are best suited to your current life situation, and give you peace of mind and possibly save you a lot of money! 

When searching for reliable insurance company in Lancaster PA – trust Ross Insurance Agency for all of your property insurance needs.