Ross Insurance Agency Offers One Of A Kind Insurance For Golf Events

Ross Insurance Agency offers a diverse set of insurances for businesses that meets their needs and gives business owners peace of mind. When business owners don’t have to worry about insurance, it allows them to focus on other things that might need more attention. Ross Insurance Agency now presents a unique insurance, specifically for golf events, that can help cover one of the biggest expenses. Hole-In-One Insurance is a specialized insurance that event sponsors can take advantage of to pay for prizes.


Should you decide to run a charity or other golf event, you can add a hole-in-one contest to inspire golfers to go all out for big rewards. Prizes can be just about anything from a cash prize to a new car. Ross Insurance Agency simply needs the number of golfers expected to participate, the length of the target hole and the cash value of the prize chosen for the contest. Ross Insurance Agency will then provide a custom quote for the Hole-In-One policy. Ross Insurance Agency will include taking care of any necessary paperwork and also providing signage to ramp up the excitement.

“We at Ross Insurance believe in ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’ and what better way of playing hard than by getting together with some friends and playing in a golf outing for charity?”
– Bill Ross, Business Insurance Team

Should a golfer sink a hole-in-one on the designated target hole, they walk away with whatever prize is chosen, and the hole-in-one policy covers the cost of the prize. Event sponsors can be as creative as they’d like and dream big for a prize that will attract a large number of players without the worry of incurring the cost of the prize. This could be a great way to attract new players, keep loyal golfers interested and be a driver for publicity for your event. In addition to competitive rates and world-class customer service, the Hole-In-One insurance policy also offers ancillary prizes for players who sink a hole-in-one on any par-3 on the course other than the target hole. These can include Visa® Gift Cards, 4K HDTVs, Callaway® golf equipment and more.

Ross Insurance Agency works diligently to be able to find policies for every business and fit the needs of a diverse set of clients. Contact Ross Insurance Agency today to request a quote for your personal or business protection.