Why Do I Need Pet Insurance?

Do you have any beloved four-legged family members in your household?  A simple wag of their tail, tilt of their head or soft purr can instantly put a smile on your face and pull on your heartstrings.  Whether you have a dog, cat or another animal companion, we’re sure you treat them like part of the family.  Just as you have health, life, home and car insurance to protect your family’s well-being and possessions, shouldn’t you also have pet insurance to protect your fur-child?


You can’t predict when you, your spouse or child will need medical attention.  The same goes for your pet.  Pet insurance can give you peace of mind when your family pet needs medical care.  Unexpected vet visits and emergency procedures can cost thousands of dollars.  Even if you have a hefty savings account set aside for emergencies, pet insurance could save you a lot of money if your pet gets sick or injured.  Pet insurance works like auto insurance – you pay your veterinarian first for the service and then after submitting a claim, your pet insurance will reimburse you for covered costs.

Here at Ross Insurance Agency, we offer two affordable and comprehensive pet insurance options:

Figo Pet Insurance – This Chicago-based pet insurance company takes a new, tech-forward approach to insure your pet.  Figo’s goal is offer peace of mind to pet owners and to make pet insurance simple to understand, user-friendly and comprehensive.  Use Figo’s all-inclusive app and Pet Cloud platform to easily store all of your pet’s records in one place, submit claims online, find nearby vets, check on upcoming vaccinations and more.

We are proud to offer our clients Figo pet insurance – learn more about it here.

Embrace Pet Insurance – The best part of this pet insurance option is that it is not part of a network, which would limit your choice of veterinarian.  This “nose-to-tail” insurance plan allows your furry friend to visit any vet for all unexpected accidents & illnesses.  Their care will be covered with Embrace’s one simple, yet comprehensive, pet insurance plan.  You can personalize your policy by selecting the annual maximum, annual deductible and reimbursement percentage that fits your budget and needs.

Learn more about Embrace pet insurance here.

Ross Insurance – Your Trusted Pet Insurance Agency

Lancaster PA and surrounding areas count on Ross Insurance Agency to provide a variety of coverage options they need at an affordable price.  For over 50 years, our team of trusted insurance agents have been putting their customers first by offering a variety personal and business insurance options.  Ross Insurance also offers a variety of other insurance, including pet insurance.  We are here to help advise you to make the right choices to protect what is most important to you.

If you’re looking for a reliable insurance agency to help you protect your home, business, car, pets or a number of other things, Ross Insurance Agency is here for you.

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