Marriage and Car Insurance: What You Need to Know

Yay! You tied the knot. Getting married and being newlywed is such an exciting time in your life. But, after the honeymoon ends and the real world begins again, there are several important need-to-knows about updating your car insurance.


Did you know that getting married generally has a positive effect on how much you pay for your auto insurance? Research has been conducted that states that married couples are less likely to get into car accidents. According to cover.com, premiums for car insurance are on average about 11 percent lower for married couples and there are several theories on why this may be, including that married drivers have more stable, and therefore less risky, lives than singles.

By getting hitched, you now are on the market to qualify for a lot of discounts! Multi-car, multi-policy and safe driver discounts to name a few can impact and lower your rates.

It is extremely important that you contact your insurance agency and let them know you got married. This might not seem like a big deal, but if your spouse were to be in an accident in your car, the damages might not be covered due to misrepresentation if they are not listed as a driver.

Misrepresentations is a form of insurance fraud and basically means that the policyholder didn’t give the car insurance company all of the needed information, or the correct information, that the insurer requires to properly assess the risks they are taking on and charge accurate premiums for the car insurance coverage.

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