Help Your Friends & Family Save Money in 2018 – Suggest a Ross Review

Yes, insurance can be very confusing and complicated. Most people understand the importance of having insurance, so they purchase home insurance or auto insurance and then just pay the bill, time after time, in hope that they have the right coverage for the right price.


The truth is, not all policies are created equal, and circumstances change.

A “Ross Review” is designed to help with that. At Ross Insurance, our proficient and caring team is dedicated to doing our due diligence for each and every policy, when a person obtains a new policy, or when it’s time to renew an existing policy.

When you experience important or major changes in your life, such as getting married, divorced or acquiring a new car, it should also be reflected in your policy, and reported at your annual insurance review.

Just a few minutes with our friendly service team provides a valuable insight into what coverage you currently have, and what may be missing. We review each auto and home bundle as they renew, looking for premium increases, coverage changes and any potential issue.

We also focus on potential discounts, bundling policies where possible, and shopping over 40 of the top insurance companies worldwide to make sure you’re getting the best possible value for your insurance dollar.

Our goal is for you to have a peace of mind and a high level of comfort about your coverage – and about the very competitive price you’re getting. In today’s unstable economy, times can be tough for some people, and it’s always nice to show your friends and family you care about them and their well-being.

A ROSS review is unbiased and FREE and usually helps people save over $500 per year in insurance, plus often provides extra coverage.

What’s Included in Ross Review?

– Review of your current coverage to help you identify gaps

– Review of your current coverage to help you identify overlaps

– We help identify discount opportunities

– We help you understand what you are covered for and, more importantly, what you are NOT covered for

Regardless of what the circumstances, we are always watching for opportunities to help our clients be in a better situation, plus, we work hard to make sure they understand their coverage. Is your agent working that hard for you?

Help your loved ones start a new year with the insurance policies best suited to their current life situation.

When searching for reliable insurance company in Lancaster PA – trust Ross Insurance Agency for all of your personal and business insurance needs. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR A FREE ROSS REVIEW.