Driving Safety, Especially Now That School is Back in Session

Much to some parents’ delight, summer is officially over with the start of the school year for the kids. Now with the cooling temperatures, the evenings are filled with science projects, math equations and cheering on the youngsters at their sporting events. But getting from home to school to practice to home again can add extra drivers to the busy road ways.


The American School Bus Council projects that over 26 million children and teens ride the school bus to school every day in the United States but according to a recent study by Safe Kids Worldwide, approximately 100 children in the United States are killed every year while walking to or from school, and 25,000 others sustain injuries as a result of school zone crashes

Ross Insurance Group wants to keep you and your family safe on your daily journey, so here are a few quick tips to navigate the roadways during the busy school season:

  • If you do not need to pass a school on your commute to work, try to avoid the area if at all possible. School zones are filled with children on bikes trying to get to school on time, parents in a hurry to drop their children off and buses dropping off students for a day of learning.
  • If you’re stuck driving behind a school bus, allow for a bigger cushion or distance of space between you and the bus. It is recommended to keep a 2-second cushion between you and the car in front of you, unless the weather is bad then it is advised to stay at least 4 seconds behind. This will give you more time to stop once the yellow lights start flashing indicating that they are stopping to pick up or drop off its passengers. It is illegal in all 50 states to pass a school bus that is stopped to load or unload children.
  • The most dangerous area for children who ride the school bus is when they are entering and exiting the vehicle. The ten-foot distance surrounding the school bus can be the most dangerous spot for children. That is why it is recommended to stop at least 15 feet away from the back of the bus to safely allow the young students the chance to enter and exit the bus without fear.
  • ­Children riding bikes create special problems for drivers because usually they are not able to properly determine traffic conditions or believe that oncoming traffic will stop for them. The most common cause of bicycle accident that involves a car is when a driver fails to check blind spots and turns left in front of a bicyclist. Another danger spot for young bikers is when they are leaving their driveways or behind parked cars. Drive with caution when in these areas.
  • Focus on driving. This tip is talked about frequently but it is wise to make sure when you are behind the wheel to keep 100% of your attention on operating the vehicle at all times. This means no multi-tasking, texting, looking down to pick something off of the ground or to change the radio station. Your safety and the safety of those around you matter!

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