Do’s and Do Not’s When Going On Summer Vacation

With the days getting longer and dramatically warmer, they are also being counted down until bags can be loaded and packed into a car to begin the adventure of summer vacation. But before you leave for the sunny coast or the mountainous west, here are some items to consider before hitting the road.


Unplug your electronics.

Electronics use energy even if they are not in use, so why should you pay for something that you are not using. By unplugging TVs, microwaves, toasters and coffee makers, you can save a few bucks and reduce the chance of starting an unintentional electrical fire in your home while you are away.

Leave some lights on.

While unplugging devices is recommended, turning all the lights off in your home is not. Lights are a sign that someone is active and currently living in your home. This can be easily and cost effectively accomplished by investing in a timer. These small tech pieces can help deter intruders by flipping the lights on and off at various times throughout the day or night.

Stop or collect the mail.

Nothing is more obvious that you are not home then piles of mail and packages by your front door. If you don’t have a friend, family member or neighbor willing to pick up your mail, ask the postal service to hold it for you. The best part of having them stop the delivery of your mail is that it is absolutely free of charge and hassle-free.

Adjust your thermostat.

When you are away for vacation, don’t turn the A/C off completely. Simply set it a few degrees higher than normal while you’re gone to keep some air circulating to control humidity and mold. This will save you some money and make it more comfortable in your home upon your arrival without causing the A/C system to go into overdrive when you return.

Double check your insurance coverage.

While this is not something you’d dream of happening, if an accident occurs to your home or property while you are away, it is a good idea to double check what is covered and make copies of those documents. This can help you maintain peace of mind that all will be fine when you are off soaking up sun and enjoying life. If you need assistance, Ross Insurance Agency can help prepare those documents for you and be there every step of the way with you if something was to go wrong while you are on a much deserved vacation.

Pay off your bills.

By paying off your bills early or having them scheduled to be paid online automatically, you can focus on relaxing and not on remembering to make a payment. This will cut down the chance that you’d forget and then have to pay a late fee.

Call your bank.

Whether you are going out of the country or staying in the States, it is a good idea to call your banking institution and let them know to expect out of the area charges. This heads up will help them know not to freeze your card when they discover out of the area purchases. Nothing is more embarrassing than having your card denied at a restaurant or shop and then having to scramble for a different form of payment.

Disconnect from social media.

We all like staying in the loop of other people’s lives through social media, however, vacation photos are recommended to be posted after you return home from your epic adventure. This can be a tool to keep your house safe from unwanted house guests and allow you to focus on the present.

Clean out your fridge and trash.

Left over take out, milk and fruits should be cleaned out from the fridge before your departure because you may receive a rude awakening if you don’t. Fresh fruits could become rotten, milk spoiled and takeout inedible. Don’t risk it and just pitch it. Plus, it is nice to come home to a clean kitchen.

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