Don’t Let Insurance Premiums Leave You Unprotected Against Flood

Spring is here, and with the typical April showers come more than just sweet flowers. Warmer weather and sunshine will melt mountain snow and cause creeks and rivers to rise, which, coupled with the spring showers may result in flooding.

For most homeowners, their homes are their most valuable possession, and, unfortunately, these assets are vulnerable to flooding.

 Still, typical homeowner insurance policies do not cover flood damage caused by natural events, and neither does your umbrella policy.

To make sure you’re protected, you must buy special coverage.

Residential flood policies used to be sold solely through the National Flood Insurance Program, administered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which was created in 1968 when it was difficult for private companies to insure flood risk at affordable rates for homeowners.

But after Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and Hurricane Sandy in 2012, the federal program experienced debt, and the government started taking steps to stabilize it and raise flood policy rates.

We now have what is called “Private Flood Insurance” and we have found the difference in premiums can be in the thousands per year.   While less expensive, a private Flood Insurance policy is just as broad, and covers just as much as a FEMA National Flood Insurance Policy.

Did you know that 1 in 4 flood claims is made for a home that is not in a flood plain? Even if you weren’t in a flood plain when you bought your property, you actually may be in one now, as flood plains change.


As a homeowner, it’s wise to weigh the dangers and assess your risks even if you don’t live in designated flood plains, and seriously consider buying flood insurance.

When it comes to your insurance, not all water damage is considered the same, and options with private insurance may include higher limits and different coverage. For instance, you may have coverage for housing if you have to relocate temporarily. Also, there are homeowner’s policies that offer an optional “water-backup endorsement”, which will cover damage from water backing up into your home due to a broken sump pump, etc.

If you already have insurance through the FEMA, you can still buy “excess flood insurance” through a private insurance company to cover claims above the national limits. And, if you rent your home or live in a condo, you can purchase flood insurance to cover just your possessions.

At Ross Insurance Agency, we are passionate about making sure you and your home are adequately insured and covered, bringing you a peace of mind and protection.

Anyone who has federal flood insurance or any kind of flood exposure should contact us to get a quote for private flood insurance. The difference can be downright shocking!

And if you are currently not covered, don’t wait – it only takes one incident or disaster to shatter your and your family’s life. Waiting periods for private policies vary, and in some cases are much shorter than the 30 days typically required with federal policies, but if you’re considering flood insurance, it pays to start planning now.

Ross Insurance Agency’s Independent Agents are committed to finding the level of coverage you want at the lowest possible price.

Contact Ross Insurance Agency, your trusted independent agent in Lancaster PA today and learn what it takes to get adequate flood insurance against all types of flood-causing natural disasters, and other types of home insurance you need.