Can I Reduce the Cost of my Auto or Home Insurance?

Understanding homeowner’s insurance and car insurance can be complicated and extremely confusing.  The best way to be a smart insurance consumer is to make sure you have the right insurance agent on your side.  Here at Ross Insurance Agency, we work hard on your behalf.  Our agents are happy to explain your home and car insurance options to you and show you ways to spend your insurance dollars more effectively and efficiently.


We are constantly on the lookout for better ways to obtain the proper protection for you and your family, all while keeping your costs to a minimum.  Many factors are considered when determining your auto and home insurance rates.  Exposure, location, use, type of pets, driving history, occupation and education level can all impact your coverage costs.  When shopping around for car and home insurance, consider the importance of entrusting a passionately independent insurance agent to protect two of your biggest assets.

Your home is most likely your largest possession and investment.  Homeowner’s insurance policies are designed to cover damage to your home and personal property.  As an independent insurance agency with access to over 40 different carriers, you can count on Ross Insurance Agency to shop the market for a policy that provides the best coverage for you at the most affordable rates.

Here are a few ways to try and lower the cost of your home insurance:

  • Allow your qualified insurance agent to shop around for your best deals.
  • If you can afford to do so, raise your deductible in order to save on your premiums.
  • Bundle your home and automobile insurance with the same insurer for extra savings.
  • Improve your home’s security and make it more disaster resistant. By installing a burglar alarm and weather-proofing your home, you could shave your monthly premium down.
  • Seek out various discounts such as for new construction, to lower your insurance cost. You may even receive a discount for sticking with the same insurer for a set amount of time.
  • Establish a good working relationship with your trusted insurance agent. Your agent should keep your best interests at heart and help you find the best coverage and savings for your homeowner’s insurance needs.

Your car is likely your second biggest asset you want to protect.  With more than 60 years of experience in car insurance coverage, Ross Insurance Agency is committed to getting our clients the automobile insurance coverage they want at a competitive price.  You will work with a trusted insurance agent who cares about you and your unique situation.  You advisor will be ready to evaluate your changing auto insurance needs over the years, so that you are getting the most from your policy.

Follow these auto insurance money-saving tips:

  • Take advantage of auto insurance discounts, such as multi-car, multi-policy and safe driver discounts.
  • Compare insurance costs before you buy a new car.
  • Ask for a higher deductible in order to lower your monthly premium.
  • Seek out driver discounts, such as for low mileage, and for completing driver’s safety courses and good-student discounts. There are an abundance of safe-driving discounts available for you and your insurance agent to explore.
  • Link your auto and home insurance together for maximum savings.

The single most important step in being a smart insurance consumer and saving money is to seek out an independent agent who represents a wide variety of insurance companies.  Insurance companies who are not afraid to shop around for their clients are the way to go.  Here at Ross Insurance Agency, we have a name for this process of analyzing risk, explaining your options in plain English and shopping for competitive pricing.  We call it a Ross Reviewand it’s completely free!  This service will help you to see if there are any gaps or overlaps in your coverage.  On average, our clients save an average of $500 per year by completing this complimentary service!

Ross Insurance Agency, located in Lancaster, PA, is here for you and all of your insurance needs.  If you’ve ever questioned your current coverage or are shopping around for automobile or homeowner’s insurance, we encourage you to contact us at (717) 397-4729 today.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!