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“Your business is a bull’s-eye”. If you own or operate a business, it is not news to you that you have a big target painted on your back. If something goes wrong, even if you do everything right, you and your business are vulnerable to attack; from the general public, from customers, vendors, suppliers, even your own employees. When it comes to looking for someone to blame, your business is an easy mark.

What keeps you up at night is the fact that your business is your “livelihood”. You have put everything you have into building, promoting and growing your business. Our goal is to protect your business and protect your livelihood. We “proactively” assess the risks you and your business face, determine what level of risk you are comfortable with, and then put together a plan that provides you with the best “PROTECTION VALUE”.

This means it is not just about price. We work very hard to be sure our pricing is competitive, but to focus solely on the cheapest policy out there could leave you and your business without the right protection. At Ross Insurance, getting the coverage you need comes first, then we work with over 40 of the finest insurance companies in the world to be sure your program is competitively priced.

The other, very important aspect of protecting your business is “LOSS CONTROL”. We work hard with loss control experts and engineers to help you avoid and prevent losses from occurring. The best loss is the one that never happens. We provide you access to some of the top professionals in the country to help you with work site safety, back-to-work programs and entire libraries of information on how to control your claims and operate more safely.

Working with our business insurance team will give you a good understanding of what risks you face, and which ones you want to cover with insurance. This allows you to concentrate on growing your business and gives you peace-of-mind knowing your livelihood is well protected.

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