Driving Safety, Especially Now That School is Back in Session

Much to some parents’ delight, summer is officially over with the start of the school year for the kids. Now with the cooling temperatures, the evenings are filled with science projects, math equations and cheering on the youngsters at their sporting events. But getting from home to school to practice to home again can add […]

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Insurance Coverage and AirBnB

Today, travelers are not limited to hotels when they are traveling out of town for business or pleasure. Options of homes with breathtaking views that overlook city skylines, glamorous boats on popular harbors and luxurious tree houses with fireplaces and hot tubs now are available to travelers for a unique place to stay. These new […]

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Do’s and Do Not’s When Going On Summer Vacation

With the days getting longer and dramatically warmer, they are also being counted down until bags can be loaded and packed into a car to begin the adventure of summer vacation. But before you leave for the sunny coast or the mountainous west, here are some items to consider before hitting the road. Unplug your […]

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Do Your “Toys” Have the Right Coverage?

Summertime means jet skiing, boat excursions, road trips in the RV and motorcycle cruises. All these fun experiences are amazing – until an accident happens and you do not have the coverage you need, or thought you had!   Knowing what to look for in a watercraft, RV, or motorcycle insurance policy can be difficult. […]

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Ross Mar18

Can You Guess the Top 8 Claims Caused by Winter Damage?

Winter weather can cause substantial damage to buildings, both exterior and interior, with strong winds, freezing and bursting of pipes, roof and flashing leaks, ice dams, and much more. So, it’s not a surprise that winter-related claims account for more than half of all homeowners’ insurance claims. While Mother Nature does its own thing every […]

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