Best Ways to Protect Your Gifts This Year

According to the Pew Research Center, eight out of ten Americans shop online and during the upcoming holiday season it is projected by Internet Retailers that shoppers will spend $119.99 billion with online retailers from November 1 to December 31st.

To keep your Christmas gifts protected from local Grinch figures or porch pirates, Ross Insurance Agency would like to help keep your investments safe from the unexpected. While many think it will not happen to them, one-third of the population has experienced porch theft while half the population knows someone who has had a package stolen, according to U.S. Today research.


Here are a few ways to keep your online purchases safe this holiday season:

Have Packages Delivered to A Trusted Location

During the holiday season, package theft rises. To help eliminate a package from going missing, have the parcel delivered where you know it will be safe. Options include: your work or office, a friend or neighbor is typically home or the post office.

Install Security Cameras to Prevent Package Theft

A security camera can help take the stress off of finding a secure location to send your holiday packages. Most package thieves are on the lookout for security cameras and will avoid homes that have them installed.

If you wish to have a security camera but the traditional bulky camera isn’t your style, companies are making smart doorbells that have cameras built-in that record and capture movement on your front porch.

Require Signature on Delivery

If your package is being sent by UPS, DHL, or FEDEX, you can make sure that it needs to be signed for at the time of delivery. If there is no one to sign for it, the package will be taken back to the warehouse and the delivery will be attempted at a different or scheduled time.

Fun Fact: If your package requires a signature and was left unattended, lost or stolen, delivery companies are liable to legal actions and you are entitled to a full refund or replacement, according to UPS. However, the wait time is not to be desired when dealing with a claim and only the shipper can file a claim.

Insure your Packages

By sending a package with UPS, FEDEX or DHL, you can tack on additional insurance to make sure your package makes it into the correct hands. With UPS package value under $100 has a free insurance policy attached, higher value items can have insurance added on with a small fee. FEDEX and DHL have similar insurance policies.

If insurance isn’t your area of specialty and you are in need of a trusted professional to make sure your home insurance is up-to-date before the holidays, let Ross Insurance Agency protect your single largest possession and investment and the people that reside in it. As an independent insurance agency with access to 40 different carriers, you can count on Ross Insurance Agency to shop the market for a homeowner’s insurance policy that provides the coverage you want – at the most affordable rates, just in time for Christmas.

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