5 Tips For Homeowners To Have Peace Of Mind This Spring

Spring brings warmer weather, but it can also bring different types of risks to your home. Let’s review 5 tips to ensure that your home is in good condition and how to prevent damage to your house.

1. Check for water damage

As the snow melts, it could lead to water damage. Homeowners will want to look for water leaks in their abode to ensure it’s watertight. Water leaks can happen when bathtub or shower seals wear away or if a roof was improperly installed.

Signs of water leakage include dark spots on your ceiling, water on the wall, or a damp spot on your carpet. You will also want to inspect your attic for signs that water has gotten through your roofing. Water damage can lead to serious issues in your home, so it is important that you call in an expert to fix the leaks.

2. Take flooding precautions

There are two types of floods that could harm a home: Natural flooding and faulty plumbing. Both of these could cause severe damage to your home. If you live in an area prone to flooding, then you should take the necessary precautions to protect yourself and your home.

When it comes to burst pipes, being away from the home during the winter could cause it to happen. Homeowners should properly winterize a vacant home during the cold season. This will prevent pipes from freezing over and causing damage. When the house is occupied again, you should safely turn the water back on to not damage seals or cause leaks.

3. Look for weather-related problems

Extreme weather conditions could damage your home, so it’s worth the time to confirm that your home is in good condition after a harsh winter.

Make sure that your roof gutters are cleared and not damaged in any way. You may also want to inspect the roofing to ensure the tiles are not loose or broken. You could also hire a roofing professional if you need assistance with evaluating the condition of your roof.

A homeowner should also inspect their fencing for any issues that need to be addressed. While out in the yard, it’s helpful to evaluate the trees and see if they pose a risk of falling. If so, you may need to trim large, overhanging branches as a preventative measure.

4. Prevent fires

House fires can occur during any time of the year, but it’s good to periodically check that your fire alarm system is working. As you do your spring cleaning, you can also check the smoke detectors in your home. It may also be an excellent time to ensure your electrical wiring and appliances are working correctly.

5. Check for subsidence

In the home insurance world, subsidence refers to a house sinking into the ground. This can cause strain on the structure of your home, and the misalignment of the foundation could crack it. Homeowners should look for the early signs of subsidence so that they can rectify the issue in a timely manner. Symptoms include sinking floor level, cracks in the walls or driveway, or doors and windows jamming when you try to open or close them.

Keep your home protected with home insurance

Prevention is key to having peace of mind, but homeowners insurance can help support you during a crisis. At Ross Insurance Agency, we are committed to helping you find the coverage you need with the lowest possible price.

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